Bending the Mesh
Commercial Break


If you’re not able to install the gutter guards under the shingles, or if you’re installing on a metal roof or low hanging gutter, you may need to place a bend in the stainless-steel mesh for installing within the gutter itself. We recommend using a commercial break for bending the mesh, allowing you to easily bend to an angle that works best for the site. Bending the product with a commercial break can be safely done from the ground.

Before bending the mesh, measure and mark where the bend is needed. The mesh may need to be bent up or down, depending on the site.

Step two is to install the bent mesh onto the gutter using extra screws to secure it on the back of the gutter or fascia. 

A quick note: Bending the mesh does not void the warranty or degrade the performance and longevity of LeafBlaster Pro gutter guards.