LeafBlaster Pro® believes fire protection matters

LeafBlaster Pro® is Fire-Resistant and WUI Compliant

LeafBlaster Pro passed both ASTM: E2768 and ASTM: E84-19b for Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

What is the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI)?

Wildlife-Urban Interface is the area where developed land meets or intermingles with undeveloped land. The proximity of these two vastly different environments creates the potential for catastrophic wildfires.

What does WUI have to do with gutter guards?

According to California Building Code (7A), and many other states' building codes, roof gutters in WUI areas must be WUI compliant. In California, that means the gutter covering has been tested to a strict set of standards defined by ASTM International.

What is ASTM International?

ASTM International offers standards and proficiency testing for products that want to have proof of their quality.

LeafBlaster Pro products passed both ASTM: E2768 and ASTM: E84-19b for Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Basically, LeafBlaster Pro stainless steel guards can limit the surface spread of flame for at least 30 minutes, potentially protecting the home from further damage.

What is Building Code Chapter 7A?

Chapter 7A is a building code in California that ensures exterior building materials in Wildland-Urban Interface areas are fire resistant-rated. California is one of the strictest states when it comes to codes and environmental factors. But, according to FEMA, WUI areas continue to grow by 2 million acres per year. Codes are also rapidly changing with the rise in wildfire outbreaks in recent years.

Does my state require this?

Building codes vary depending on the city, county, or state, but codes typically can be found on government websites.

See if your state has WUI areas by visiting usfa.fema.gov/wui.

How does LeafBlaster Pro help?

A wildland-urban interface (WUI) code is specifically designed by a community to mitigate the risks from wildfire to life and property. The standards within a WUI code will vary according to the scope that a community is willing to adopt and enforce. In most WUI codes, and in Chapter 7A in California, exterior materials are required to be fire-resistant. Not only are Leaf Blaster Pro gutter guards fire-resistant but these coverings also help prevent the accumulation of flammable debris like leaves and twigs, which can also be required in WUI areas.

What is ASTM: E2768 and ASTM: E84-19b?

ASTM E2768: Standard Test Method For Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics Of Building Materials (30 Min Tunnel Test)

ASTM E84-19B: Standard Test Method For Surface Burning Characteristics Of Building Materials

Building Codes across the state:

Find out what building codes exist in your state by clicking the link below. Codes can vary from state to county, to city, so be sure to have current information before making any exterior home improvements.


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